Animal Reiki


$80.00 for 60 Minutes with Rev, Dr. Lindsey Halperin-Givens.  

*Please note, depending on your sweet fur baby/pet the time may vary  according to their patience and  comfort level.  An  initial assessment will be conducted prior to the appointment and will be an additional $10 for the 1st appointment.

We are here to bring ease to you and your pet.  

Introductory Hatha Yoga


First Time Yoga Session for New or Exsisting Clients  - $12

Drop in Fee- $15.00

Please email us at with your Name & Number

8 Yoga Session Series-Class Setting. A $35 Savings! 

In Hatha Yoga, we come into the breath to quiet the mind and bring steadiness in the asanas. The intention is to increase a sense of balance and enhance ones connection to the higher self. Each class provides personal modifications and emphasizes integrating mind, body, energy, and breath. All levels of practice are welcome. Please note, you may only attend yoga based on the number of classes you have paid for on the payment plan.

To reserve your spot please email us at:



Senior Discount 10% off Massage and Energy Work. Applies to age 65 and up. This discount cannot be combined with the Intro to Swedish Massage Rate.  

Contact us to make an appointment!

(815) 322-9906. 

*ID is required at time of booking. 

We offer 10% off any Massage or energy work service for our Law Enforcement, First Responders, Fire Fighters, EMT's, 911 Dispatchers. This discount cannot be combined with our Intro To Swedish Massage Rate. 

ID is required at time of booking.

We offer 10% off of Massage and Energy work for our Veteran and Military men and women. This offer cannot be combined with our Intro to Swedish Massage. 

ID is required at time of booking.

Young Living Distributor


We love essential oils! If you need assistance with selecting essential oils to assist you with insomnia, anxiety or perhaps digestive issues, we are here to help. 

We can sign you up for a kit or purchase any oils that you may need.

Our Young Living Independent Distributor Number is : 19951326

8 Yoga Session Series- Kids 12 & under $42.50.



To reserve your spot please email us at: 

Need an Extra Hand? Allow us to Help You!


We believe all humans deserve healing in their greater, higher good. 

Please contact us if you need a payment plan!  We are here to help!  

Please note, services can only be booked after payment has been received for the full value of the service selected.